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Applying for a position

We are currently looking for a qualified applicant for a full-time English conversation teaching position in Nagoya. We are accepting both domestic and overseas applications.

Basic Job Requirements

(A) Necessary Requirements
ABC Plus only accepts complete application packages, which are submitted by e-mail from applicants who meet the following requirements:

  1. Native speaker of English
  2. Bachelor's degree

(B) Preferred Requirements
Applicants that meet one or more of the following are preferred:

  1. is trustworthy, flexible, and positive
  2. is hardworking, self-motivated, and disciplined
  3. enjoys teaching a wide range of students from preschool to adults
  4. has experience leading groups of school-aged children
  5. is able to plan engaging and effective lessons for a variety of class types
  6. has one year of full-time ESL teaching
  7. has three years of consistent teaching experience in a public or private school
  8. has a TESOL/TEFL/CELTA certification from within the last six months
  9. has a basic understanding of written and spoken Japanese
  10. is considerate of cultural barriers and has a genuine interest in Japanese culture

Please include the following in your application package:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume/CV
  • A recent photo
  • A reference/recommendation if possible (preferably from an employer)

e-mail: email

Regarding references, academic references are also acceptable and useful, so please feel free to include ones from professors or trainers. If reference letters are not yet available, please list the names and the email addresses of the references. We will not contact them until later in the application
Criminal Record or Vulnerable Sector checks do not need to be included when you send us your application package. However, we will also ask for them later in the application process.

Application Process

Step 1: Send a complete application package by email.

Step 2: Within one week of receiving the application package, successful applicants will be offered a telephone interview with the head teacher. We are sorry, but we cannot reply to every inquiry and application, and we will only contact successful applicants.

Step 3: Some applicants will be chosen to have a second interview with the schools' director.

Step 4: If the interviewee receives and offer of employment from ABC Plus, we will send them a copy of the Contract and Business Entrustment which they should sign and return to ABC Plus.

During the time period between accepting the job offering and arriving in Japan, it is very important that you keep in contact with the school and are easy to get ahold of.

Step 5: The following documents should be sent in order to obtain your Certificate of Eligibility which can take up to 4 - 6 weeks.

  1. your resume
  2. a photocopy of your passport
  3. recent passport-style photographs
  4. a photocopy of your diploma (not your transcript or a letter from your University)
  5. the signed contract
  6. (if you are currently working in Japan) a photocopy of your residence card

Step 6: Once your Certificate of Eligibility is obtained, we will forward it to you by mail.

Step 7: When you receive your Certificate of Eligibility you must take it to a Japanese Embassy in order to exchange it for your Japanese working visa in the area of Specialist as Humanities/International Services.

For more information on the visa process, please visit:

Pre-arrival Information

  • ABC Plus will pick you up from the airport in Nagoya and take you to your new accommodation, however, you are responsible for arranging your own flight/transportation to Japan. Upon the completion of your one-year contract, you will receive an airfare remuneration bonus of up to 50,000 yen.
  • It is recommended to bring between 80,000 and 150,000 yen with you to Japan to get you through until your first paycheck. Of course, the amount of money you choose to bring should depend on how you plan to spend your free time. Keep in mind that your first paycheck may not be a full month's salary, because you may not have been working for a full month.
  • It is not advised to bring bank checks, traveler's checks, or ATM/debit cards. Cash, in Japanese yen if possible, is the best option. However, in the past some teachers have been able to use their ATM/debit cards in some places.
  • When considering what kind of clothes to bring with you to Japan, please keep in mind the school's dress code:

Male Teachers- From November - May you must wear long-sleeve dress shirts, slacks, and a tie. From June - October, either long or short-sleeve dress shirts are acceptable. Dark brown, black or blue socks should be worn, you must be clean-shaven with no facial hair, and have no visible piercings.
Female Teachers- The dress is "Business Casual" which means you will be expected to wear nice looking blouses, collared shirts, cardigans or sweaters on the top and dress pants, formal capri pants, and skirts of appropriate length on the bottom. Dresses of appropriate length are acceptable as well, however, keep in mind you will be teaching small children and sitting on the floor during some classes. There are to be no low cut or revealing items worn. One small earring per ear is accepted, but all other facial piercings are not.

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